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If you've ever taken family pictures of any kind, you know the usual drill: stress, chaos, begging and bribing ... all for the sake of "just one good one." Trust me, I've been there. That's why I work side-by-side with you before the session to get to know your unique family and arm you with the tools and confidence you need for everyone to have a stress-free experience.


We create a space for togetherness where love can shine through and only positive memories remain. 

Whether we are in your home or on location, it's always an honor to play such a special role in preserving your family's legacy.  

"Laura is highly gifted! She was magnificent in her ability to capture the individual personalities of our children. Years from now we'll look back and treasure these images."



"This was a magical session. Laura was so patient with our kids! And when she delivered my prints they were even better than I remembered."


"I am so incredibly thankful to have these. They are the BEST pictures I've ever seen."



I have been serving portrait clients for nearly a decade.  It's become my number one goal to create artwork for you that, even after years, still makes you stop and stare. 


My journalism background and casual approach help me seek out the small moments that tell your family's larger story. Parents trust me to work quickly during the session, engage with the kids in a way that brings out their true expressions, and ensure everyone looks his or her best the entire time. 

laura kellerman


Laura Kellerman Studio's business practices are aligned with those recommended by the Economy of Communion, an  organization which works to create a more just, inclusive, and sustainable economy.

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