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                              are at a crossroads when they come to me.  It's their final portrait as a child. It's their first portrait as an adult. And it's my pleasure to walk that fine line alongside them ― finding a balance of modest yet modern, sweet yet sophisticated.


After a joint consultation that gets everyone on the same page, we aim to create something that's as unique as they are, and printed portraits with a lot more staying power than their Instagram account.


"I looked forward to my senior pictures for a long time. I was that girl who would spend free time looking at Pinterest, obsessing over ideas and concepts that I thought would not only look good, but would represent me and who I had become throughout my time in high school. Laura captured that and so much more! She not only made me feel beautiful with the final results, she made me feel confident throughout the whole day. Looking back, that was SO important to a 17-year-old. It made my experience so much more meaningful. 


I still cherish the photos today, especially those with my family and pets. I get to look back fondly on that young woman I had grown to become."


"Overall, my senior session was a great experience. The location you suggested, the way you helped me incorporate my car, and the way you worked with me really let my personality come across. It wasn't just me in a picture, it showed who I really am. 

Honestly, I'm kind of sad I only got to do it once! I'll be calling you in the future."

I have been serving portrait clients for nearly a decade.  It's become my number one goal to create artwork for you that, even after years, still makes you stop and stare. 


My journalism background and casual approach help me create images that portray your whole person, not just your appearance. I work closely with parents and their seniors so that everyone's voice is heard, and we capture your teenage legacy in a way that makes everyone smile.

laura kellerman


Laura Kellerman Studio's business practices are aligned with those recommended by the Economy of Communion, an  organization which works to create a more just, inclusive, and sustainable economy.

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