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This is the Grapevine dining spot everyone can agree on

Tired of arguing over where to go for dinner? (spoiler: yes!) Grapevine is home to a one-stop-shop that everyone in your party is sure to agree on. If a mall food court got a fancy makeover and cocktails/wine/beer were tossed into the mix, you'd get Harvest Hall!

This food hall located on Grapevine's historic Main Street is just steps away from the Grapevine Vintage Railroad. If you're in the mood for Latin food and someone else in your family was hoping for Asian cuisine or a cheeseburger, Harvest Hall is the place for your group. They have a wide array of offerings so everyone can get what they want in a single spot.

Here's a breakdown of the restaurants inside Harvest Hall with a few of our favorite dishes:

Arepa offers many of your favorite Latin and Mexican dishes. Our go-to selections are the Pick Three Tacos (carnitas are amazing!), the Grilled Chicken Bowl, and the Taco Salad. Don't forget to toss in some chips and salsa or a Loaded Quesadilla. There are plenty of drinks you can grab at the bar to complete the perfect meal during a night out.

Think all your Southern favorites with a modern twist -- that's Chick & Biscuit. In addition to breakfast all day (how can you go wrong with that?), we enjoy the Bee's Knee biscuit. It features fried chicken, blue cheese crumbles, buttermilk dressing, hot sauce, and honey. If you're looking to eat a little lighter on your next visit to Harvest Hall, check out the Strawberry Fields Salad.

Easy Slider says it has the best little burgers in Texas and you won't hear any argument from us. We've tried just about all their sliders thanks to the restaurant's mix & match offerings. We'd suggest The Classic, It's All Gouda, and The Sweet & Lowdown. While you'll undoubtedly want to grab some of their tator tots as a side, the wedge salad is another great option if you're trying to save a couple calories.

One member of our crew absolutely swears by this place. Every stop at Harvest Hall includes an order of Monkey King's pork dumplings. Why order anything else when you've found a favorite, right? Outside of that, we'd suggest the Brisket Fried Rice and The Three Treasures stir fry. Basically, you'll be happy with anything you order...

If you're like me, you're always in the mood for Italian food -- and Spuntino undoubtedly has your cravings covered. The Mozzarella Fritta is a must for your starter. After that, we'd recommend Lasagna or Chicken Parmigana. We've also enjoyed our fair share of Spuntino's pizza selection and its handmade meatballs. Again, it's another place where you can't go wrong.

Zatar is tucked away in a back corner of Harvest Hall which makes it easy to miss -- but don't! This Mediterranean restaurant features kabobs, falafel, hummus, and all your favorites. A few of our favorites at Zatar are the Chicken Shawarma Plate and the Gyro plate. In most cases, you choose the meat or main offering and it'll be served with rice and salad. This is another great go-to spot if you're looking for something on the lighter side.

Harvest Hall also features The Main Line Coffee Bar where you can pick up your favorite caffeinated beverages, pastries, and ice cream. It opens early, and the quiet atmosphere and free wifi make it the perfect remote working environment. Like we said initially, something for everyone!

It’s a nice and quick walk from the photography studio. Check out Harvest Hall during your next stop in Grapevine!

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