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Introducing The Grapevine Edit

One of the coolest things about being in Grapevine’s Main Street district is the community. In the middle of the massive Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex (literally one train stop from centrally located DFW airport) is a quaint and fun town of 50,000 with an “everyone knows each other” vibe that makes our city stand out in the crowd.

We want to celebrate the best of Grapevine on this blog and our newest Instagram account, @thegrapevineedit. We’ll be highlighting the best places to stop, eat, relax, and enjoy life! The team at Laura Kellerman Studio (and by team I mean myself and Austin) have hit up dozens of small businesses this past week and met some wonderful people. There’s no shortage of fun things to do in Grapevine, and we’ll be highlighting them as many as we can find in the months to come.

Have a Grapevine favorite you think needs to be featured? It could be a park, a menu item, a summer camp, an amazing laundry service... Message us on Instagram or email And when you post something fun about Grapevine, be sure to use the hashtag #TheGrapevineEdit.

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