Hi, I'm Laura Kellerman, a portrait photographer serving my existing clientele in the Little Rock area. I specialize in outdoor natural light portraits of children and families, though I'm becoming more and more attracted to in-home lifestyle shoots. Who doesn't love a great action shot of kids jumping on the bed?

I love photos of people almost as much as I love the people themselves. You'll rarely find me photographing a flower or architecture or a sunset, because without a human subject I tend to find a photo lifeless. I have a passion for establishing a relationship between myself, my subject, and my camera that jumps out of the final product and straight into the heart of the beholder.

I am now serving as an associate photographer at Lyndsey Sullivan Photography, an amazing wedding, portrait, and headshot studio located here in Little Rock. That means this site is now my little brag book of the wonderful people I am lucky to call friends and family, as well as a place to share my experiences in volunteering for Red Thread Sessions, which celebrates adoption through photography.

Thanks for visiting, and happy snapping!